Deena was born and raised in Las Cruces New Mexico and later moved to Colorado until she joined the military. The love for the southwest and the mountains influenced her style and color pallet. Growing up, her mother was an artist, as well as a vast amount of her family inspiring her passion for art. 

Her love for painting and a storytelling aspect to her work coupled with a MFA in illustration, inspires her creations to come alive with itʼs own uniqueness. Deena is currently a high school art teacher, lending her creativity to others so they can further the arts in society. “Art is the backbone to our educational system as well as our society, teaching is a privilege that reignites passion and creativity in our youth”
When she is not teaching she is in her studio creating. “I have found my calling, I do what I love and am passionate about it!”


Deena has shown her work in galleries in Houston, TX, Galveston, TX and Las Cruces NM. She also shows her work at fine arts festivals such as Bayou City as well as other shows in TX.